Well-designed maps provide a way to examine factors related to the quality of life, health and wellness of residents in your neighborhood and community. The Map Room includes thousands of themes that present data by regions of interest, including county, school district, zip code, census tract and more. The available data also include address-level records to pinpoint resources, assets and areas of need in your community. If you are unfamiliar with the Map Room, we suggest clicking on one of the Starter Maps below to begin exploring with this powerful tool. For additional instructions or assistance, contact info@engagementnetwork.org.

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Children in Poverty (by zip code) and Locations of Head Start Centers

Labor Market Engagement (by census block) and Eviction Rates

Opioid Drug Claims (by zip code) and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Food Desert (census tracts) and Major Supermarkets (SNAP-authorized)

Median Monthly Housing Costs (by census tract) and HUD Assisted Housing Units

Medically Underserved Areas/Population and Providers of Health Care Services

CMS Beneficiaries with Depression (by county) and Mental Health Treatment Locations

Adult Excessive Drinking (by county) and Reported Detox Facilities and Hospitals