To respond effectively to community needs, we need up-to-date information using data that accurately reflects the local population. In 2019, partners for the Inland Northwest Insights initiative sponsored a comprehensive community survey that will provide timely information on community needs in the Palouse, Lewis Clark Valley and North Central Idaho.

Questions on the community survey cover the following topics: economic and employment status, health and well-being, need for services, housing, food access and more. Download a copy of the survey to review the questionnaire and learn more.

Survey Results

Survey invitations were distributed to a random sample of 2,000 residents in each county or region throughout the area. Survey results from this random sample of households are available here:

A similar survey was completed in Whitman County (Washington) in 2018. Results from the 2018 Whitman County survey include:

Results from a limited set of questions from Whitman county (comparable to 2019 survey) can be viewed here.

The community survey was conducted by the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) at Washington State University.  Questions can be directed to survey manager Lauren Scott (WSU) or project manager Mason Burley (Innovia Foundation). Please contact us to make a specific request for survey results.